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    The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
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    by Alilang Empress Monarch Purple Green Winged Butterfly Crystal Rhinestone Pin Brooch obgnUzFMHS
    | Dec 12, 2017 | 3D Printing , 3D Printing Materials |

    Shanghai-based Polymaker , which develops and manufactures engineering-grade 3D printing materials, launched its Polymaker Industrial product family at the TCT Asia show this spring, the same week that advanced polymer developer Covestro introduced its Esse Marcasite Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl and Marcasite Drop Necklace of 46cm XL0noK
    . The two materials companies teamed up two years ago to co-createa new line of polycarbonate 3D printing filament, Polymaker PC-Plus and Polymaker PC-Max , designed for desktop 3D printers and based on Covestro’s PC resins; PC-Max is one of the strongest engineering materials for desktop 3D printers.

    The partnership between Covestro and Polymaker is expanding, as today the two companies are announcing the launch of their new advanced materials,U1000 and U0174D, for extrusion-based 3D printing.

    Y-pipe and impeller fan

    “We are proud to announce two new materials to add to our portfolio under the ever-expanding Polymaker Industrial repertoire,” Polymaker’s Marketing Manager Luke Taylor told “Both these new materials are made using Covestro’sTPU resin and have been modified by Polymaker for certain mechanical characteristics. Both materials are quite different from currently available TPU’s on the market which we often associate with flexible materials. These new materials are much stiffer and therefore can print much easier and faster than flexible filaments while still displaying excellent toughness and layer adhesion.”

    The newhigh-performance plastic U1000 and U0174D 3D printing materials are both available in thePolymaker Industrial family, which offers strong, industrial-grade 3D printing materials for multiple industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and general manufacturing.

    “We are very pleased to work with Polymaker, a rising star in the 3D printing industry.Their commitment to innovation and quality matches the values of Covestro, and we look forward to doing more exciting projects together in the future,” saidYvonne Wang, Business Development Manager for Additive Manufacturing at Covestro.

    Berkeley Lab
    / / Science Highlights / Spectroscopy of Supercapacitor Electrodes In Operando


    Contacts: Tribal Steel T1130 Pink Leather Bracelet with Crystal Charm Branded Disc and Easy to Use Clasp 21cm in length 6TBdD
    and Michael Bagge-Hansen

    Future technology will require energy storage systems that have much larger storage capability, rapid charge/discharge cycling, and improved endurance. Progress in these areas demands a more complete understanding of the processes involved in energy storage, from the atomic scale to the device level. Now, using soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) under operating conditions (“in operando”), researchers have found that the interfacial electric fields generated during charging of the electrode/electrolyte interface of a supercapacitor can induce changes in the structure and bonding of its graphitic carbon electrodes. The research could lead to better, more reliable strategies for improving the capacity and efficiency of electrical energy storage systems needed to meet the burgeoning demands of consumer, industrial, and green technologies.

    3D Nanographene Supercapacitors

    Like a battery, a capacitor is a device for storing electrical energy. It consists of two electrodes separated by a solid-state dielectric insulator. In a “supercapacitor,” the solid-state dielectric is replaced by a liquid electrolyte with mobile ions. This effectively creates two capacitors in series, each formed by a solid-state electrode and a potential-induced ion layer in the electrolyte. Because the ion layer forms within nanometers of the electrode, the charge storage capacity per unit area can be much higher than in a traditional capacitor with its thicker dielectric layer.

    Materials for supercapacitor electrodes should be porous, enabling high ion mobility in the liquid electrolyte for fast charging, and have very high surface areas, increasing the charge storage capacity at the electrode/electrolyte interface. Here, the researchers used 3D nanographene, which they recently developed and consists of interconnected graphene sheets providing a hierarchical pore structure with a high surface-to-volume ratio.

    Because supercapacitors charge and discharge faster than batteries and can handle more cycles, they are attractive for high-power applications such as recovering braking energy and supplying short-burst power (e.g., in cars and elevators) or for backing up static random-access memory (SRAM). In this work, Bagge-Hansen et al. describe results from a newly developed x-ray spectroscopy capability at the ALS that allowed them to detect complex, electric-field-induced changes that graphene-based supercapacitor electrodes undergo during operation.

    Electrode/electrolyte interfaces are critical to all electrochemical energy storage technologies, including supercapacitors, yet we still don’t fully understand how the physiochemical properties of these devices are altered by the interfacial electric field generated during charging. While the structural and dynamical responses of the electrolyte to an applied potential have been extensively studied, the analogous responses of the electrode material during operation remain largely unexplored, even for widely used materials such as graphitic electrodes. The electronic structure of the electrode is conventionally considered to be static, with charge accumulation or depletion as the only response to polarization of the interface. This lack of understanding of the dynamic physiochemical changes of the electrode is largely due to the paucity of experimental and theoretical methods for characterization of the electrode electronic structure during operation.

    Behavioralizing People Insights
    925 Sterling Silver Mother And Child Heart Pendant Necklace 18 Chain Gift Boxed taqrIvu
    You are here: / Behavioral Finance / Providing Unique Client Experiences

    This post is part 8 of our 8 part series on increasing Client Engagement from our Client Relationship Performance in the New Behavioral Economy White Paper . The insights will demonstrate in practical terms how to apply predictive behavioral insights to tailor client communication and provide unique client experiences.

    Behavioral Insight 8: Providing Unique Client Experiences

    ( Heather Needham Sterling Silver Horseshoe Stud Earrings SIZE 9mm Gift Boxed Horseshoe earrings 5033/B41HN wCSzw0YqY

    Once Chris had an introduction to the communication keys for each Communication Style, his next concern was about providing unique client experiences. He could see that adapting to different communication keys was very important. However, he understood that the real game changer was customizing the client experience. If he could do that then the value proposition of his service would increase, along with the sustainability of revenues. Chris asked, How can I use this knowledge of Communication Styles to customize the service experiences for each client? I have 2 other clients I would like to impress: Helen Jones, who has a Lifestyle Desire, and Joshua Connor, who has an Information Need. To get Chris started, we provided him with a summary of the DNA Client Experience Guide, which is below. The guide provides inside tips on how to customize the service experience for each type of client.

    The 2 clients Chris wants to customize his service for are complete opposites. Helen by nature is very impressionable and will enjoy a real fun and interactive experience. This will not naturally be Chriss style. Chris will likely succeed with Helen up-front because she wants to know that her goals will be achieved. However, over time Chris will not provide the social element Helen is looking for, and eventually she will be attracted elsewhere. The key here is that John gets involved and he interacts with Helen, and Chris reverts to providing his wisdom and experience from behind the scenes, meeting with her only at key times.

    Review the Client Relationship Performance in the New Behavioral Economy White Paper for additional information and keys to providing unique client experiences.

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    Reading: Endo Protocol Reimagines Certified Data Verification in Announcement of Rapid...

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    Bitcoinist | May 18, 2018 | 08:00

    Bitcoinist | May 18, 2018 | 08:00

    SINGAPORE, May 17, 2018 – Glamorousky Elegant Rose Necklace with Blue Austrian Element Crystals 1029 31d9pz7rK
    , the increasingly renowned decentralized certified data verification solution, has today announced the platform’s technical readiness to fully integrate internationally recognized Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy services, as well as entire information databases of universities and archives worldwide. Interoperability of the ENDO Protocol and such services and institutions promises to change the certified data verification industry.

    Today, businesses, government, and educational institutions, as well as individuals are being increasingly challenged by certified data verification issues. These include matters not only related to hacking and data loss risks, but also due to the fact that data is not protected against information substitution, deletion, and modification without encryption and decentralized storage.

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